Hello! Welcome to The Perfect LA Saturday. My goal is to share my love and passion for Los Angeles with all of you. Whether you’re born and raised in LA, a recent transplant, or if you’re just visiting our lovely city for a weekend, I’d love for you to join me in enjoying the many experiences that this beautiful city has to offer.

A bit of background about myself. I was born in Pennsylvania but moved to Southern California as a toddler. I lived in the suburbs of Los Angeles until I started my undergrad years at USC. During my time there, I finally began to truly understand and appreciate how much there is to do in Los Angeles. While my passion for exploring this city started during college, it really ramped up after I finished school and moved back to the suburbs nearly three years ago. I now find myself in the different neighborhoods of Los Angeles nearly every weekend looking to find something interesting and fun to do.

As you can imagine, living in La La Land means there are an overwhelming number of things to do every day all across the spectrum. You can walk the streets of Hollywood Blvd. and marvel at the stars. You can visit The Museum of Jurassic Technology and learn what it means to experience confusion and fascination simultaneously. You can dress up in your fanciest clothes and visit the Edison and sip on absinthe in a converted power plant. Or you can try, what are in my opinion, the best sausages (vegetarian for me) in Los Angeles at Wurstküche in the Arts District. I could go on and on. Trying to decide what to do on any given day can be intimidating.

As a working adult, I know how tough it can be to venture out on adventures during the weekdays. By the time I’m finished with work in the evening, the idea of exploring the city seems incredulous. Because of this, I started going out on Saturdays to see everything from the tourist traps of Los Angeles to the unique, and sometimes grittier, side of the city.

Sometime over the past few months of exploring the city, I found an old DSLR tucked away in a dusty bag at home. Channeling all of the skills I had mastered in my 10th grade photography class, I started to take photos of all of the places I visited. Let’s just say that during my first few trips, there were just about zero photos that actually resembled an image. But, as with anything, as I kept practicing, my photos started to get better and better. I am by no means an expert yet (extremely far from it, if I say so myself), but I still love to take the camera out every weekend to go practice while on adventures around this city.

My desire for this endeavor is simple: I want to merge my love of Los Angeles and growing love of photography and share it with all of you.

Now here’s how this is going to work. Twice a month, on Wednesday evening, I’ll share a calendar of events that I have planned or places that I’m going to visit during the upcoming Saturday. If you’re the adventurous type and want to explore with me, send me an email at ThePerfectLASaturday@gmail.com and tell me a little bit about yourself and what you love about Los Angeles. I’ll then add you to the mailing list of people who I’ll be sending the calendar of events to. Even if you can only make it out to a part of the day’s activities, it would be great to meet you! Once we’ve had The Perfect LA Saturday, I’ll write up my thoughts and post it to my website, ThePerfectLASaturday.com the following week. If you have ideas for any new adventures, please feel free to email me or share in the comments.

Together, let’s create The Perfect LA Saturday.

Your friend,